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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 348/365


Day 348- Cold Day Inspiration
Sent The Kids back to school, so I decided to just stick close to home... to enjoy the quiet!! Kids go back to school... and the cold has come blowin' in!! Before I lost the little sun we had... and before The Kids came home all crazy from the first day back to school, I went around the house to find some fun inspiration!! I'm afraid I've been in a bit of a rut recently. My camera just doesn't seem to want to work with me. Today... I think we were in sync! The above shot is ice... I like the swirly designs in ice and in this shot I like the light contrasts.

I actually went outside for a few minutes to try to capture the few flakes of snow that were falling with the ol' camera. There just wasn't enough to capture. I thought this sad little dandelion puff/head/whatever you wanna call it would suffice as a snow stand-in!! =P

Next up. A fallen, lonely poinsettia leaf. The poinsettia has seen better days and it's probably time for it to move on, BUT...

It's hard to part when there are still pretty spots like this!!!

SO... I'm still finishing up my project 365, BUT I've been thinking about what's coming next for my little blog. One decision has been made... I'm continuing on with a project 52. I missed a few days with the 365... days that I couldn't really control... days that I've tacked onto the end. I want to have to flexibility to miss a day here and there without the guilty feeling that goes with it!! So... I'll likely still be shooting away everyday still, but maybe not... and I won't feel bad if I don't. I'm also considering only posting during the week... for now. Want to make the weekends more about family. One of the 52's I'm committing too... is Sarah and Gina's Project 366 Rewind (called 365, but it works how I'm thinking the 52 should work... posting at least once a week). I like that they have a weekly theme that I can pull inspiration from.

Anyway, I'm rambling... thinking "out loud." I'll stop now. More planning to come though...


Audrey said...

Nice! And love your blog button too!

Heidi said...

Nice shots and I am doing the same kind of thing with posting once per week versus everyday (at least after my 365 is completed). Isn't it cool that there are so many options?

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Oh, so sorry you won't be continuing, but I KNOW you can't let dust pile up on the camera. I'll look for your 52s. Hope you have a wonderful year. Thanks for all your kind words throughout the year.

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

I hadn't plan on continuing with Project 366 (leap year) but I just can't seem to put the camera down or stay away from my blog. And besides when I mentioned to my husband I wasn't continuing he suddenly became concerned we would no longer be traveling to all the awesome places we went just so I could get my POD! So without promises not to miss a day or two I continue on with Project 366. Glad to read you will still be posting too.

Liz said...

These are wonderful Gretchen!! I Love the patterns in the ice. And that dandelion is beautiful. The leaf is so simple but so effective. Our poinsietts are still blooming beautifully.
Great series and thanks for your advice on Project 366. I have found a link up for it and I have linked up my blog to commit... I only have to post my shots once a week. I think I can handle that :)
I am glad I discovered your blog, too. Your photos are great!