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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 356/365


Day 356- Oh Deer!
Not my greatest deer shot, but had to capture this guy...

AND his friends!! How many do you see? I did a quick drive through one of my favorite local parks after running a few errands and before The Kids came home from school. Had to wait for all these guys/gals to cross the road though... so it wasn't so quick. I enjoyed the moment of just watching... nice to take a moment!!

Quick, late post for me tonight. I went to a local photo club meeting tonight! Trying it out to see if it's for me. So far, very interesting! Had a wonderful speaker tonight... lots of fun stories and some REALLY awesome pictures to look at. If you happen to stop by this post, what are your thoughts on joining photo clubs? Just curious what others think of them...


Kimberly said...

Love the deer! The ones that visit us aren't usually out until it is a bit dark ... then I can't get a good photo.

I don't even know of any photo clubs around here. What kind of things do you do? Photo challenges? Is there a fee to join? Anyway, I say if you can pick some brains for free, go for it!

Liz said...

I love that first shot!!

snapshots2011 said...

We have a photo club near me that meets once a month- I *love* going- it's a place where you can talk for hours on end about f/stops and shutter speeds and no one looks at you like you are crazy! I would say go for it- I've only been going to mine for about 10 months, but I've already learned so much from the others there.

Michelle Renee said...

Love your deer pictures. How nice to have so many subjects! Just watch out for them when you're driving. Be safe. :)

I almost joined a photo club, but it's a little too far way for it to be feasible. I say, go for it. You'll meet new people that share your passion, and you'll get to do fun photo things. I'd join in a heart beat, if there was one close to me.