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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 359/365


Day 359- The REST of the Story
During snack time, The Boy's gigantic pencil caught my eye. He got it for Christmas... and loves to use it for his homework. That would've been the end of my picture taking during snack time, but then...

Umm. Yep. Yogurt on goldfish crackers. Yum?!? I suppose the salty sweet might work. From there...

I started getting antsy waiting for The Girl to finish up (sometimes she takes FOR-EVER to eat... I suppose it's life getting at me for eating so slow as a kid). So, I entertained myself (and her) by letting a lego guy catch one of her fish! Well... as with all fun, one thing leads to another AND...

TADA... my frozen picture for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!! =P


Kimberly said...

This post made me smile. You're such a good mom! Can't see eating yogurt on fish crackers though. :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I miss having all of these fun little gewgaws around the house -- along with my two boys, of course!

Love your shots. So cute!

Michelle Renee said...

Lol. I'm glad you could amuse yourself while you waited. I ditto Kimberly. You're such a great mom!