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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 363/365


Day 363- Wrong Lens
So, I usually head out with both the 18-55mm and 50-250mm lenses, BUT today... TODAY... I went out with only my newest 50mm lens. And then I ran into lots of ducks in the local watering hole. AND I was WISHING I had my other lenses. Boo. I do like this shot though... like the light.

The light here too. I suppose it's a good thing though that I only had one lens. Makes me think different than normal. Actually. Maybe I should do it more!!

And then... golden grass. Always a fun subject... especially when the light is shining just so!! =)


Sara said...

So beautiful, love the textures and warm light and ones!

Michelle Renee said...

These are beautiful, Gretchen. I really like the golden warm tones of the grass. Only two more days until you're finished with your P365...!!! :) said...

Love the light and tones in that image of the grasses. Gorgeous!

Joyce Lansky said...

You have a way of taking pictures of normal or mundane things and making them fabulous!


Heidi said...

Really beautiful!