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Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 5- Project 366/52

Another week... a beautiful week!! Seriously. I am a little sad that we haven't really had one good snow, but I'm pretty happy with 50-70s everyday... as long as the sun sticks around. This past week, we got just that!!!! Well, mostly...

January 30
Jan. 30
I just like this picture. The Boy looks like he's up to something. He probably was. I don't take enough pictures of The Boy... mostly 'cause he won't stop moving, so when I get a good one I'm super excited!!!

January 31
Jan. 31

The Girl and her best bud! This was their fort... they were writing notes to the troll who lives down the hill. How fun is childhood!! =)

February 1
Feb. 1

Also got The Boy to "strike a pose" for me... they actually stuck a couple poses. One I shared yesterday as part of my Scavenger Hunt Sunday, here's another equally fun pose!! =)

February 2
Feb. 2
Took a lot of pictures of these little beauties this week!! Spotted them in the yard on Monday and enjoyed watching and capturing their bloomin' progress. Our first flowers of spring!!! =)

February 3
Feb. 3- weary
The 'weary' prompt really stumped me for some reason. FINALLY though I spotted this hammock. I'd love to spend a weary summer day in a hammock watching the big puffy clouds in the sky... or just snoozing while The Kids play around me!! =)
Naptime Momtog

February 4
Feb. 4
AND... just to show that not EVERYDAY was wonderful this past week... here's a picture of an icky cloudy day. It was chilly too. So I didn't really explore anywhere with the camera. Just stayed in under the covers!! =P (Used Kim Klassen's Stormy texture on this... pretty sure that's the one I used anyway.)

February 5
Feb. 5- Shadows
And... I liked the shadow of this fallen twig. Spotted it as I took a little walk with The Girl on her scooter. I tried to get a shadow picture of The Girl scooterin', but those just didn't work out for me... hmpf!
project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Feb. 5- Shadows BONUS
AND just because I like this shadow shot too... I have to share a second shot from the 5th. Another shadow! FUN shadows!! The Kids LOVED posing for this one!!!

Anyway, there's my week in pictures!! Thanks for stopping by to take a look!! I kind of slacked on posting last week... and by the end of the week on visiting blogs too. I was enjoying some computer avoidance time! I'll catch up on visiting now... and try to post once or twice before the next Scavenger Hunt Sunday!! OR maybe I'll just post twice a week for a bit... enjoying this new flexibility!!! =) Have a great week!!! =)


kimmyskids said...

I wanted at least one snow too. This weather has been so nice though, so I guess I'll take it! I love your hammock shot! Looks like a great place to be.

Susan said...

What a fun week of photos! Thanks for stopping by my site. :-D

Jessica said...

Fabulous Photos! So glad you found me. :) LOVE LOVE the shot of the girls facing away, notes to trolls? Ahhh so sweet! Can't wait until my little one can have such childhood fantasies. So awesome you are recording them. Love that shadow shot as well. I'll be back!

Melissa Rich said...

Your photos are beautiful. I'm with you on the hammock and watching the clouds on a summer day. Sounds like heaven ;)

Love that twig and shadow too, very cool.

Angela said...

Beautiful!!! I can't even pick a favorite. They are all great!

Liz said...

Gorgeous series Gretchen! I can't pick a favourite. I do love your shadow shot!! I posted one in my Scavenger Hunt Sunday for "Strike a pose"... fun!! :)

Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

Love the shadow pose

Sarah said...

Such great shots this week. I love the shadow shot. Wonder if Dustyn would pose for me.

Michelle Renee said...

I like what you did with the stormy texture. Looks like a good week!

Gina Kleinworth said...

You could just leave me on that hammock all day long. Love it!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

fabulous week and awesome shots of "the boy" ~ I was thinking we needed one good snow storm. Oh gosh! did I just say that!

snapshots2011 said...

I'm enjoying the warm weather too. I love the stormy picture...perfect with the "stormy" texture!

Kimberly said...

Aaaaah, I love that hammock! Wish I had one! :) And those flowers sprouting make me happy! We had some daffodils popping up but now we have about 8 inches of snow on them. Hoping they survive.

Thanks for linking up with me! I've had a hard time making it around to everyone lately also. Busy, busy, busy!