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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm back!!! I've been avoiding the blog. Just living life. Unfortunately. I think this avoidance has affected my photography. I'm still taking pictures. BUT I don't feel quite so motivated to do so. I haven't been upping my skills either. No practicing. SO... I'm committing myself to another Project 365. I started today. Wanna see? Head over to (for now...). I've decided to jump to wordpress too. No reason really. Just that I figure a change would help keep me on my toes and maybe help me keep interested. Sometimes it just seems more fun if I make it complicated! Ha! Anyway. If you're still around, feel free to pop on over!!! OH. And I have been peeking in on many of you, just haven't been leaving comments. =( Sorry. I was just being super selfish with my time!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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